Volunteer Firefighters

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Coffey County Fire District #1's firefighting staff is comprised of approximately 150 professional volunteer firefighters, in seven different station locations.  These men and women stand ready, to respond to fires and emergencies of any kind, any time of the day, and are some of the most dedicated in the business.

Our volunteer firefighters' received training in Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Fire Officers Training, Hazardous Materials, Medical First Response, Incident Command System, National Incident Command System, Search and Rescue, and special Water Rescue Training.

Coffey County Fire District #1 always has a place for men and women who want to serve the communities of Coffey County as a professional volunteer firefighter. CCFD#1 has policy established which provides a fair and equal opportunity to all qualified persons, based on demonstrated merit and physical fitness, determined by fair and practical methods of selection  Below are the procedures necessary to join:

Volunteer Firefighter Selection Criteria

  1. Submission of completed application form to the Station Chief in which the applicant resides for processing.
  2. Interview with new applicant is required by the Station Chief; the function being is to determine the abilities and aptitude of the candidate.
  3. Basic assessment evaluation, which consists of a map reading segment and a general information evaluation with true/false and multiple choice questions. (The candidate must complete this with a 70% or higher to continue the evaluation.)
  4. Pre-Appointment physical agility assessment evaluations, consisting of simulated rescue, hose drag/couple, ladder operations, joist walk and forcible entry. All evaluations are timed and scored on a pass/fail basis.

Volunteer Firefighter Selection Criteria Pre-Appointment Medical Evaluation

  1. The Coffey County Firefighters Relief Association requires all new members appointed to Coffey County Fire District #1 membership to comply with their insurance company's policy regarding a physical examination to provide members with life insurance coverage.
  2. In most cases the Firefighter's Relief/insurance medical examinations may stand for certified pre-appointment medical evaluation, however, Coffey County Fire District #1 reserves the right to require the candidate to have another medical examination by the fire districts physician to ensure that the medical evaluation meets all of the requirements.
  3. If the medical evaluation determines the candidate has an acute and/or a chronic medical problem or a newly acquired medical condition that would clearly interfere with the candidate's ability to perform the functions of an active member of Coffey County Fire District #1, the medical certification shall be deferred, not to exceed 365 days from the date of the physicians examination form, or until the candidate has recovered from this condition and submits a written request for the fire districts physician to conduct another review.
  4. If at the conclusion of the 365 days the fire districts physician has not and/or can not certify the candidate's medical requirements, the candidate shall be deemed not able to perform the essential functions as an active member of the fire district without posing a significant risk to the safety and welfare of the candidate and to others, therefore, the candidate becomes ineligible for membership in the fire district.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our organization, please contact the Administrative Office of Coffey County Fire District #1.