Athletic Event Grants

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Coffey County Economic Development provides annual grants to county schools who host large events and tournaments. The grants go towards offsetting facility rent, promotions, hospitality, awards, janitorial services, etc. To qualify for the $200 economic incentive grants, the events must bring in 4 or more teams from outside the county.

Spring events are considered first, remaining funds will be allotted to fall events. Applications will be funded until budgeted amount for that year has been expended.

2018 Grant Awards

USD 243

 1/6  Basketball
1/17 League Scholars Bowl
1/30 Spelling Bee
 2/5  Basketball
 2/10  Band Festival
 2/17  Basketball
 2/28  League Quiz Bowl
 4/17  Track

USD 244

 1/6  Invitational Wrestling
 1/16-1/20  Invitational Basketball
 2/10  JV Invitational Wrestling
 4/27  BMS Invitational Track Meet
 5/1  Invitational Track Meet


USD 245

 1/10  Sports Trivia Contest
 2/21  Scholar's Bowl
 3/1           Career Fair
 4/19  Track Meet (high school)
 5/18  Regional Track Meet