GIS & Mapping


The Coffey County GIS and Mapping Department is responsible for the maintenance of all GIS data and departmental support. The GIS and Mapping Department currently maintains digital information for 8,000+ parcels, 5400+ existing addresses and 3200+ road centerlines in addition to all other information that assists in meeting the needs of our county and its taxpayers.  

Data Disclaimer

Coffey County’s digital information is created and maintained for tax purposes only. It is not intended for conveyances, nor is it a legal survey.

Examples of GIS data that can be obtained:

  • Property ownership
  • Land use
  • Roads
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Digital plats
  • Addresses

Please contact the Coffey County GIS and Mapping Department for a complete list.

Data Requests

If you would like to request data for a location in Coffey County, or countywide, please contact our office for data availability and our fee schedule. A GIS Data Request Form (PDF) and Appraiser's Office - Open Records Request (PDF) are required to be submitted before any information will be released. Please email forms to GIS Coordinator, Cara Mays.

As a public service, Coffey County provides a Property Ownership Map Tool (ORKA) where property information can be obtained.

Ready to Print Maps