Property Taxes

Statements are mailed by the end of November for the current year.  Full payment can be made for the current year on or before December 20, or you may choose to pay your tax bill in 2 installments.

Billing & Collection of Taxes

Real Estate and Utility Taxes:

  • First half tax payments are due by December 20 of the current year
  • Second half tax payments are due by May 10 of the following year
  • Payments received after their due date incur penalty interest

Real estate and utility tax unpaid by August 1 will be advertised in the official newspaper and a $16 publication fee added.

If unpaid on the first Tuesday in September, the tax becomes a lien against the property.

Personal Property Tax, 16-20 M Trucks, and Oil & Gas Tax

Full or half tax is due December 20. If the first half is not paid on or before December 20, the full amount becomes due with interest. If unpaid after January 1 and on or before March 6, it shall become a warrant for collection by the Coffey County Sheriff.

Second half tax due May 10, and thereafter, if unpaid will draw interest. If the second half is  still unpaid on June 14, it shall become a warrant for collection by the Coffey County Sheriff.

All personal property, 16 and 20 M trucks, and oil and gas tax remaining unpaid on October 1, will be advertised and a $16 publication fee added. The tax, interest, and all fees will be entered in District Court as a judgment and shall become a lien upon real estate owned by the delinquent taxpayer.

Payment Methods

As a service to our citizens, we offer multiple ways for you to pay your taxes:

By Mail

Coffey County Treasurer
110 S 6th Street
Room 203
Burlington, KS 66839

Drop Off

A secure drop box is located near the east side entrance of the Courthouse (the 6th Street side) where you can drop off your payments. The County Courthouse is located on the Southwest corner of Neosho and 6th Streets at:
Coffey County Courthouse
110 S 6th Street
Room 203
Burlington, KS 66839


Make payments online via the Kansas Property Tax Payment website.

For Internet payments you will need:

  • A county tax statement
  • A form of payment (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or e-check)
  • A KanAccess user name and password (Sign In or Sign Up)
  • Note:  An online use fee of $2.00 applies to all transactions made through this website. An additional 2.5% fee applies to credit and debit card transactions.
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for your online payment to post.
  • If your payment is past due, the online payment option is not available.


As always, you may pay in person. 

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, debit and credit cards - note there is a 2.5% service fee charged when using debit or credit cards.