Road Schedule for Recycling Trucks

Inside View of Recycling Building2nd Saturday

  • LeRoy: 8:30 to 10 am
  • Gridley: 10:30 am to Noon

4th Saturday

  • Lebo: 9 am to Noon
  • Waverly: 9 am to Noon

Curbside Pick-up

  • Lebo: 1st and 3rd Tuesday
  • Burlington: 2nd and 4th Tuesday
  • LeRoy and Gridley: 1st and 3rd Thursday
  • New Strawn and Waverly: 2nd and 4th Thursday

Please contact the recycling center to sign up for curbside pick-up. Please have recycling out at curb by 8:30 am.

Thank you for recycling!

Electronic Recycling

Coffey County Recycling will no longer be able to accept electronics, that includes anything with a cord!

  • Computers
  • DVD Players
  • Fax Machines
  • Keyboards
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Mouses
  • Phones
  • Printers/Copiers
  • Stereos

There are more that are not included in this list but we can no longer accept them and they will have to be taken to the landfill. Thank you for your cooperation.

Recycling Requirements

  • Glass: Must be rinsed out. Discard lids, metal rings, foam labels and lead wraps or "crimped on" foil as on wine bottles. Container glass only. Please: No broken dishes, Pyrex, light bulbs or window glass. Labels are okay.
  • Tin Cans (includes cat food and empty aerosol cans): Must be rinsed. You do not need to flatten or remove labels. Leave bottom on can and put top lid inside the can
  • Aluminum Beverage Cans Only: Must be rinsed out. You do not need to flatten.
  • Aluminum Foil/Aluminum Scrap: Must be clean. Includes aluminum foil, pie pans, and frozen food trays.
  • Number 1 Plastics: All Number 1 plastic bottles. All other Number 1 plastics go with Number 4 - Number 7 plastics. Must be rinsed out.
  • Number 2 Plastics - Natural Milk Jugs: Must be rinsed out.
  • Number  2 Colored Plastics: This includes white milk jugs. Must be rinsed out.
  • Number  4 through Number 7 Plastics: Must be rinsed out.
  • Paper: Please keep all paper categories separated:
    • Newspaper: Anything that comes in the newspaper is included. If stacked in paper sacks, remove the sack (cardboard) before dumping in bin. Please do not tie bundles of paper.
    • Magazines and Catalogs: Can be brought in loose. If stacked in paper sacks, remove the sack (cardboard) before dumping in bin. No junk mail. Keep phone books separate.
    • Phone Books, Paperback and Hardbound Books: Must be kept separate from magazines and catalogs.
    • Mixed Paper: This category includes all other paper such as notebook paper, Post-it notes, colored copy paper, computer paper and white copy paper, white envelopes, green bar or blue bar computer paper, junk mail, etc. Staples are okay.
    • Cardboard and Paperboard: This includes all cardboard please flatten, cereal boxes, brown paper sacks, etc. No plastic lined feed sacks or wax boxes. We do not take wrapping paper: birthday, Christmas, etc.

Unaccepted Items

  • No food wrappers, no coffee filters, no Kleenex, and no paper towel waste, toilet paper waste or wrapping paper.
  • No Styrofoam of any kind
  • No plastic bags or trash bags of any kind