Records / Reports

Records Unit

The Coffey County Sheriff's Office is responsible for processing police reports and other documentation on a daily basis. All reports are maintained and updated in a computerized Records Management System and copies are disseminated to involved parties, insurance carriers, and other government agencies. Information in the system is used by officers in their investigations and to provide statistical information. Employees also handle inquiries pertaining to non-emergency law enforcement related matters for citizens in person and by mail. Information released is in accordance with the Kansas Statutes referring to Records Open To Public K.S.A. 45-215 through K.S.A. 45-223.

Request a Record

Requests for copies of reports should be made either in person at the Coffey County Sheriff's Office, or in writing. Written requests should be mailed to:

Coffey County Sheriff
ATTN: Records Division
605 Neosho St.
Burlington, KS 66839-0226

Information to Include

When making requests please be sure to include your name, address, phone number, report number (if possible), where the incident occurred, type of report, and date of occurrence. You may call 620-364-2123 prior to sending request for total fee amounts. Amounts can be included, this will help speed up the process.

Fee Schedule

  • Copies of Reports (with proper approval) up to a total of four pages are $2 with each additional page costing $0.50 each. In addition to copying costs, to fax the report is an additional $0.50. (Charges only to non-taxpayers of Coffey County).
  • Copies of Photographs (with proper approval) is the actual cost of reproduction. Many photos are now available digitally and can be provided on a CD or DVD. Cost for digital photos is $15.00 on a disc. Non-law enforcement entities always pay.
  • Process Service Fee for Out of State Civil Papers is $20.
  • VIN Inspections fee is $20 as required by the State of Kansas. VIN inspections are needed when purchasing a vehicle out of state. To schedule a VIN inspection, contact the Coffey County Sheriff's Office at 620-364-2123. If you are located in Burlington then we will contact the Burlington Police Department and allow them to do the VIN inspection. If you are located outside of Burlington, then dispatch will arrange a time and place for your VIN inspection. You can also stop by the Sheriff's Office as we have trained employees at the office during normal business hours.