Volunteers / Reserves

Volunteer Reserve Program

The Sheriff's Office has a Volunteer Reserve Program in which individuals that have an interest in law enforcement may participate. The Reserve Deputies are non-paid volunteers that assist the Sheriff's Office with patrol duties and special events. Reserve Deputies are held to the same standard of conduct as full-time deputies.


Reserve Deputies receive training in the same areas as full-time officers and must undergo a field training period before they are allowed to patrol by themselves. Some of the training received includes: Firearms, Taser, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, Patrol Techniques, Report Writing, Emergency Vehicles Operations, and many other areas.

Application Process

Individuals interested in participating in the Reserve Program must fill out the Volunteer Reserve Program Application (DOCX), pass a background check, pass a drug screening test, and be accepted into the reserve program. Those accepted must then satisfactorily complete all areas of training in order to remain in the reserve program. Reserve Deputies are required to meet all requirements of the reserve program at all times. If interested in the Reserve Program contact the Sheriff's Office.

The Reserve Program can be a rewarding experience and enables an individual to give back to their community through Public Service. If you have any questions about the Reserve Program please email Patrol Sergeant Wayne H. Bland III.