Weather Plan

During potential severe weather conditions, the county will deploy persons, called storm spotters, to look for developing situations that could lead to a tornado. When they spot a funnel cloud or a wall cloud, two conditions that precede a tornado's formation, the spotters will call in a report to the County Emergency Operations Center.

Coffey County Emergency Management Office will also be observing the weather, using radar, and National Weather Service reports.

Siren Tones

When a funnel cloud or a tornado has been sighted, the severe weather sirens will activate a three-minute straight tone. Tune to KSNP 97.7 FM to listen for further information.


  • Sound Pattern: Steady blast
  • Purpose: Notifies the public of approaching severe weather or hazardous conditions (tornado, natural disaster, or Wolf Creek Nuclear) - Tune to local TV or radio for further information


  • Sound Pattern: Tone ramps up, then ramps down
  • Purpose: Alerts emergency personnel to report to their station for fire or other emergencies - Be alert and yield to emergency vehicles
Siren Tones Diagram

There will not be an all-clear siren sounded. To determine if the danger has passed, listen to your radio.