Lake Rules & Regulations

Current Status

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Fishing Regulations

  • All pertinent rules and regulations promulgated by the Kansas Secretary of Wildlife & Parks and any penalties established for violations thereof, shall be applicable.
  • A valid Kansas fishing license is required.
  • Public shoreline fishing is allowed in the designated area only
  • Public shoreline fishing in any other area is prohibited. A portion of the shoreline fishing is handicapped-accessible.
  • Boats are allowed in designated areas and for fishing purposes only. All boats must be motorized. Non-motorized boats, boating in non-designated areas, and boating for other than fishing purposes are prohibited. Wading tubes and float tubes are not permitted.
  • No trotlines or set lines allowed.
  • The lake may only be accessed and entered at the Public Access Area. Any other public access or entry to the lake is prohibited.
  • All persons must check-in and out at the gatehouse. Boats may be launched at sunrise. No boats will be allowed to launch 2 hours before sunset. Boats will be called off the lake 1 hour before sunset. All persons must be checked out by sunset.
  • Parking is limited. Please limit your group to one vehicle, if possible.
  • Before entering the Lake, all bilges, live wells, or cooling systems must be drained. Placing or dumping bait buckets into the lake is prohibited. A zebra mussel alert / watch is currently in effect at Coffey County Lake.
  • Fishing from sunset to sunrise is prohibited.
  • All persons in a boat on the Lake are required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type I, II, III, or V personal flotation device at all times. Persons are prohibited from being in a boat on the lake if they are not wearing an approved flotation device.
  • The Lake is subject to being closed to boat access under certain wind or other conditions. A person shall be prohibited from placing a boat on the lake when the lake is closed. A person shall he prohibited from remaining on the lake, upon being notified the lake is being closed. The county reserves the right to close or limit access to the lake whenever it deems the same to be necessary or appropriate.
  • Any person committing any prohibited act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $100 or commitment to the county jail for a period not exceeding 30 days, or both. The county reserves the right to require any person committing a prohibited act to leave the Lake.

Zebra Mussel Alert/Watch

Zebra mussels have been found in some of the lakes and waterways in the state of Kansas. A zebra mussel infestation poses a threat to industry, agriculture, and municipal water supplies. Due to the threat of zebra mussels, a zebra mussel watch is in effect at Coffey County Lake.

Things you can do to prevent or at least slow down the spread of zebra mussels are:

  1. Drain the bilge water, live wells, and bait buckets;
  2. Remove any attached vegetation or mud;
  3. Inspect the boat and trailer for attached zebra mussels;
  4. Scrape off any zebra mussels;
  5. Dry boat and trailer for five days before entering another waterway
  6. Wash boat parts and trailer with 140-degree water, a 10 percent chlorine and water solution, or hot saltwater solution. Finish with a clean-water rinse.  Do not wash at boat ramps.

If you discover zebra mussels, note the date and precise location where they were found. Take one or more mussels with you and store them in rubbing alcohol. Do not throw them back in the water.