Staff Directory List

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Haddock, CodyCounty Commissioner - District #4County Commission(620) 364-2683 ext. 1201
Hagemann, PhillipLake PatrolSheriff's Office(620) 364-2475
Hammond, JessicaBudgetary/Accounting CoordinatorCounty Clerk(620) 364-2191 ext. 1208
Hammye, TimChaplainSheriff's Office(620) 364-2123 ext. 1325
Harred, JasonEquipment OperatorRoad and Bridge Department(620) 364-2048
Harris, HeidiZoning & Subdivision Administrator/Payroll & Cost Accounting ClerkRoad and Bridge Department(620) 364-2441 ext. 1241
Harvey, MichellePayroll/Cost Accounting ClerkRoad and Bridge Department(620) 364-2441 ext. 1248
Hawley, JackieChief Deputy ClerkCounty Clerk(620) 364-2191 ext. 1207
Hazen, JamieDeputy Clerk of Domestic, Civil and ProbateNon-County Departments(620) 364-8628 ext. 1402
Henson, DarlAgriculture & Natural Resources Agent & 4HNon-County Departments(620) 364-5313 ext. 1261
Hess, BruceSection Blade OperatorRoad and Bridge Department
Hess, SalleePDP/SHICK CoordinatorHealth Department(620) 364-8631 ext. 1259
Hoch, AdamForemanRoad and Bridge Department
Holveck, KaseyTradesmanRoad and Bridge Department
Honn, GarenDetectiveSheriff's Office(620) 364-2123
Hopkins, MarkDeputy AppraiserCounty Appraiser(620) 364-8426 ext. 1232
Houston, DavidEquipment OperatorRoad and Bridge Department
Houston, WayneDriverRoad and Bridge Department
Hughes, JudyDispatcherSheriff's Office(620) 364-2123 ext. 1300
Hugunin, JeniferFiscal OfficerHealth Department(620) 364-8631 ext. 1253