Centrally located, Coffey County is accessible by Interstate and is within a 2 hour drive to major Kansas markets. Coffey County offers a low cost of doing business and an excellent infrastructure complete with fiber optic connectivity. With a low tax rate, Coffey County is a prime location for new businesses and expanding businesses.

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A few of our major employers include: Wolf Creek Nuclear Generating Station, Coffey Health System, Charloma (plastics manufacturing), Countertop Trends (laminate countertop manufacturing), Wheeler Lumber (wood truss manufacturer), and a thriving agricultural base.

Coffey County boasts a superior quality of life with abundant community resources including public transportation, comprehensive healthcare services, county-wide library system (a library in each community), outdoor fun, recreational facilities/programs, and unique shopping and art.

The mission of Coffey County Economic Development is to enrich the quality of life of citizens by enhancing the economic vitality of the county through the attraction, growth, and retention of business, industry, and talent in Coffey County.

At CCED we provide:
• Business start-up assistance
• Assistance for existing businesses (expansion, workforce, etc.)
• Professional Development
• Community Engagement
• Marketing and attraction initiatives
• Tourism promotion

Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Please review our Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Statement for more details.