Sheriff's Dispatchers/Communicators are the direct link, the backbone if you will, of operations. They are responsible for the receipt, processing, and dispatching of all calls for service, to all emergency services for Coffey County. Dispatchers are on duty every minute of every day.

Those services include but are not limited to:

  • Sheriff's Patrol
  • Jailers
  • Coffey County Lake Patrol
  • Burlington Police Department
  • Lebo Police Department
  • LeRoy Police Department
  • Waverly Police Department
  • Coffey County Fire District #1 
  • Coffey County Water Rescue
  • Coffey County EMS
  • Coffey County Emergency Management

The above, as well as contact and interaction with outside agencies on the state and federal level.

Coffey County Communications is equipped with state of the art equipment. The center houses three new radio consoles, new 911 equipment to handle not only enhanced 911, but also wireless enhanced 911 (cellular). During this conversion, Communications moved to a Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD), the CAD is a map-based program that logs calls and activity for all events. Dispatchers are trained to retrieve information for public safety, officer safety, as well as identification information, contained in the states KCJIS network, and the national systems both NLETS and NCIC. Dispatchers receive information and monitor weather systems for threatening weather.

Our 9 full-time dispatchers are all trained in most types of call taking. All are certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers, and have continued training in many areas of emergency response. Dispatchers also act as matrons, in the jail, on transports, or search/arrest warrants when the situation dictates.